IMG_20180521_033716I’ve been experimenting with a stained glass effect from colored cellophane. The effect is quite amazing! The colors are very vibrant. In the photo you see a mosaic created from the circular sign of Elysium and the holy symbol of the deity Chauntea who lives there, two elements from the Forgotten Realms setting in Dungeons & Dragons. Cut the shape from black thick paper twice, and glueing the cellophane pieces in between. It was quite a bit of work and will have to see if I can find a faster way, but a few things definitely helped:
– A glue pen
– A cutting knife
– A printed example
– Lots of patience

The final result is a beautiful stained glass artwork that you can use to add a color splash to the table and intrigue your players for the story that is hidden within the mosaic! Additionally, you can hang it in front of your window. This test project was rather small, 7cm diameter. But even though it was already a lot of work, I can’t wait to start on a poster-sized one, which definitely will feature a dragon :).

The paper figure is fromĀ Printable Heroes.