After half a year of writing, drawing, layouting, editting and researching, we’ve finished our second guide on the dmsguild:

Books & Libraries!

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In this inspirational Dungeon Master’s guide, you’ll find a large amount of tools (tables, prompts, rules), 17 types of books, library structures, and many hooks into the Forgotten Realms lore.

These book types are described:

  • Fairytales
  • Compendia
  • Sheet Music
  • Skill Guides
  • Religious Works
  • Spellooks
  • Grimoires
  • Manuals
  • Spell Scrolls
  • Magical Sheet Music
  • Mimic books
  • Subliminal trap books
  • Spell Snare Trap Books
  • Planar Novels
  • Secret Codices
  • Eldritch Volumes
  • Sentient Books

Plenty of material for you to use in the spur of the moment, or use as a key item in your adventure!

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