Hundreds, perhaps thousands of fiendish skeletons litter the scorched landscape. This was once a battle between devils and demons. Now, all that is left is a graveyard. Pieces of metal, weapons, even entire war machines are scattered over the hellish landscape. After days of travelling, you finally encounter a sign of life. “Welcome travelers to Severus’ Scrapyard Sale! You got the coin? We got the junk!” The junkyard merchant has already spread out his wares in front of you.

This hellscape scrapyard pop-up map features a war machine wreck as the center piece. Use it as a devil warlord’s outpost, the front-line of a demonic battle, or a kobold junkyard sale! This map is ideal for tactical battles in a hellish world or on a volcano.

The blueprints are available on my Patreon:

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