Library popup

Here is a sample video of the library popup map! This map is one of four that make up the “oakdoor” set, available on my Patreon. Together with the Astronomy Lab, Study and Portrait Room, they are a place that… Continue Reading →

Books & Libraries

After half a year of writing, drawing, layouting, editting and researching, we’ve finished our second guide on the dmsguild: Books & Libraries! Front page by syle.nl In this inspirational Dungeon Master’s guide, you’ll find a large amount of tools (tables,… Continue Reading →

To Gauntlgrym!

Gauntlgrym maps I’m currently running a game of Out of the Abyss, and my players have arrived in Gauntlgrym! I couldn’t find a solid map so I interpreted all the lore I could find into a map of my own…. Continue Reading →

Popup maps!

I’m in the process of setting up a Patreon for creating popup maps. These maps can be used for tabletop roleplay games, are super easy to bring along and add a lot to your game immersion.   Find my patreon… Continue Reading →

Mood cards!

For an upcoming game, I’ve drawn some mood cards to give my players an idea what they are facing. Traveling from the southern mountains to the nearby dwarven city Arkenheim, they encounter a witch hut and travel across the hilly… Continue Reading →

The Bard College Library

Bard schools have libraries too, to store centuries of music books, sheet music, and street organ music rolls. This is how I imagine a bard library looks like. Feel free to use this map for your own game. You’re free… Continue Reading →

Stained glass

I’ve been experimenting with a stained glass effect from colored cellophane. The effect is quite amazing! The colors are very vibrant. In the photo you see a mosaic created from the circular sign of Elysium and the holy symbol of… Continue Reading →

Magic Potions & Ingredients

In collaboration with Raafling, we have forged a supplement guide to Magic Potion brewing! With flavoured descriptions ideal to liven up your storytelling and beautiful watercolor paintings to tickle the visual senses. It’s available for purchase at the dmsguild here:… Continue Reading →

Wide Bookcase

I assembled a 1x2x3 square bookcase with open shelf space, to customize it with your own items. The template also comes with a few book crafts and a lower closet, or a bar.

Dimensions: 4.7cm x 2cm x 7.9cm, 1.85″ x 0.79″ x 3.11″
Print format: A4
Required stats for crafting: dex 11, int 12
Last updated: november 10, 2017

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